My current practice aims to invoke a sense of awe and awareness of an audience’s surroundings, both in terms of material and spatial situation. I want to challenge people’s personal space and create a sense of nervousness through the qualities of medium I investigate.

I am fascinated by the idea of sustenance and confinement and so, I often use expanding foam and netting to express this factor. I examine tension and my own work through a slight focus on the construction of fishing nets, hairnets, cocoons and spider webs.  My inspiration often returns to silk spinners, when considering the use of space, position and matter.

Through the use of installation and sculpture I explore tension in material and suspense in audience members. I attempt to push the netting and foam to their extremes whilst exploring the ideas of suspension, strain and weight. Testing tension in opposing materials creates a sense of entrapment, stress and containment, yet also a sense of growth and change. This apparent morph over a period of time suggests a sense of constant transformation from controlled to uncontrolled.


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