More inspiration.

I was toying with the idea of different materials- the rope was one of my main concerns. I wanted a stronger seeming more natural rope to contradict the blue of the water. Found Ludwika Ogorzelec who used weights within some of her work- these weights were obviously heavier than the water in my work but it was supported by cling film! Cling film is usually seen as a very weak material- yet layered and placed into a geometric form this weak wrapping can suspend weight. Her work within a spatial environment causes the audience to produce body movements to bring about a new way of experiencing artwork.

Form works due to the anchor points. In some of the works- Ludwika uses contradicting materials. Metal/Glass- cold and heavy versus the light/transparent/delicate characteristics of the stretching film. Fragility is very important here- as in my current work…

If a bag breaks, then equilibrium is no longer apparent. All aspects within my work rely on each other for sustainability. The weight creates the work and therefore the destruction of the bags causes the destruction of the piece.


~ by kwallbanks on September 23, 2010.

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