After attempting the double curve in a white cube setting, I still wanted to expand it. I found huge plastic bags in which to hold to water so these became the inspiration for scale. I voiced my fears about my work being too invisible- what with it being a single curve using rope, with transparent water and plastic. I needed something to bring the work into the foreground.

The general audience’s view is that water is blue- due to pools/oceans and drinking water bottles’ colouring. Companies use the tinted bottles to appeal to consumers- making the water seem even more water-like, even more clean. I decided to attempt to pursue this common misconception by dying the water in my plastic bags blue.

Testing colour densities. I didn’t want the bags to be very dark- I chose to keep to a lighter shade. I wanted the colour to be subtle rather than obvious and deep. The lighter shade mimics the blue of the drinking water bottles- pulling the audiences subconscious into realising its water immediately.

The concept of using a singluar curve is simplistic in form, yet when all the additional aspects are introduced within the work (tainted water, plastic water weights, weighted centre, larger weights situated at either end of the work and the block and tackle) create another dynamic.


~ by kwallbanks on September 23, 2010.

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